Samstag, 27. Mai 2017

Race across Germany 2017

The Race across Germany starts on July 16, 2017 (
Angelika and I have decided to take part.
We will take up this challenge together as a two-person-team. 
In 19 phases altogether with lengths from 22km to 95km, we will run across Germany – from Sylt, up in the north, to the Zugspitze (highest mountain in Germany), down in the south.
This blog will document our adventures during preparation, and serve as a diary, so that we can both learn from our mistakes and focus on the positive, when necessary.
This blog should also serve all those who are interested in accompanying us on our way to and through Germany, and those who wish to use our experiences concerning training, nutrition and recovery for either educating themselves or optimizing their own training routine.
We know from many previous competitions and our own observations that at some points in the race you will reach a point where you have to recognize your personal limits and respond accordingly. In addition to these personal experiences we would like to raise money for the ais-youth group in Klagenfurt.

The „Sparrowsnest musclebeasts“ are a team of young people who live in the ais- youth care centre “Spatzennest.  Within the scope of this accommodation they want to get involved in sports, accompanied and trained by their care team, they want, and also should learn for their lives through the sport.
This team was started as an addition to day to day care in order to further values and personal qualities such as determination, stamina, discipline, willpower, consistency, collaborative skills, motivation, reliability and a lot more.
Up to twelve young people participate regularly – sometimes very motivated, sometimes not so much -  in weekly training units in the gym (during the winter months) and outdoor running (in the summer months).
Due to the fluctuation rates at Spatzennest (people leave for age reasons or because of their development progress) the Spatzennest team varies considerably and changes frequently. All the same it is most important in this case to keep up the continuity of the training units and to always find new young sports enthusiasts.
Apart from smaller sports events in Carinthia our highlight in the last three years has been the 100 km relay race in Vienna with Angelika and Klemens, who always welcome and support us at their event with great verve and warm-heartedness.
Here we want to say a big thank you to both of them for sponsoring the registration fees.
Even if training-motivation sometimes flags during the year, all the participants surpass themselves at the 100 km relay race, no one even thinks of giving up, ambition, motivation, team spirit and fun dominate the event.
Because of the distance from Carinthia to Vienna we always spend the weekend (Friday to Sunday) of the race in Vienna, so we naturally also profit from the chance to show the young people as much of Vienna as possible and reward their efforts with positive experiences ( a visit to the Prater etc.)
We are already looking forwards to participating in your 2018 100 km race in Vienna, and are busy training for it.

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